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Stryker Surgical Instruments and Equipment, Aseptico Oral Surgery Handpieces and Motors: A Review
Oral Surgery Stryker Equipment
"We have found your surgical unit an exceptional value, because of it's versatility. Also, we have found your customer support team to be knowledgeable and always willing to help."
Thanks Michael A. Cozzi , D.D.S.
"Our office purchased four Aseptico power consoles and 1:2 increaser drills for use in our oral surgery practice. We had been using the 50K Stryker Command I and II drills for 15 years.
We researched four different systems via internet search..."
"I have been using the Aseptico 6000 motor for over a year now, mainly to remove impacted wisdom teeth. In my residency I used the Stryker and Halls Drills so when I purchased this Aseptico unit I was expecting it to compare to the Stryker as far as torque goes when cutting through..." READ MORE
Complex surgical interventions demand a high level of expertise and training. In addition, the surgeon needs the support of intelligent solutions in order to achieve optimum treatment results. Aseptico provides these technically perfect solutions.
Oral Surgery Equipment
Stryker and Halls, are the top choices among Oral Surgeons. The Surgical Handpieces, as well as the Implant Handpiece and General Handpiece are designed to last.

Talk to Jeff Baxter, your Oral Surgery Motor and Handpiece specialist, to find out what he recommends to suit your needs.

Need power and torque? Not a problem. Jeff has researched all the top brands and reviewed the best choices, so you know you will get quality that lasts.
Surgical Handpiece
Implant Handpiece